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Our identity

Guiding organisations in creating great workplaces, where people enjoy a sense of well-being, feel valued, and the organisation thrives. This is what drives us.

Scientific research has long confirmed the link between workplace well-being and organisational results: employees are more productive, perform better and stay longer.

In our knowledge based economy investing in psychosocial wellbeing is no longer an option but a vital necessity for every organisation wanting to face 21st century economic and societal challenges.

Resilient employees and successful organisations … this is what we’re passionate about.

What we can do for your organisation

StatusFlow is an expert in psychosocial well-being at work for advice, training, mediation, facilitation and coaching.

When contacted with a question or a problem, we analyse the issue in your workplace and tailor support to address the challenges faced by you and your employees.

We zoom into the broader system of the organisation. From our extensive expertise, we advise which key persons and which levels of the organisation are best involved for a successful and effective intervention. For example; who is needed?

With each assignment we seize the opportunity to seek out development options for the individual, the team, management and the organisation: what can we learn?

Our services

Why organisations choose us

Our mission is to create enduring bonds with clients and partners.

We combine expertise, experience, scientific research and innovation with a personalised service.

We are flexible, cost-effective and are tailored to meet your needs.

Evidence based/tested models and methods are our instruments.

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