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Catherine De Bruyne

As a daughter of an interior constructor I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and from a very early age I was fascinated by what motivates and inspires people and how a leadership-style as an entrepreneur – manager can have an impact.

Educated as a bio- engineer out of a desire to understand the world better and with an MBA degree, I started a deep personal development process while training in group dynamics, leadership, gestalt therapy, psychodrama, systemic coaching and constellation work. It was during my training to become a certified mediator when I felt  my true passion and qualities was directed towards working with groups and facilitating difficult conversations.

What really gives me energy and joy in my work is to support organizations in strengthening human relationships and increasing psychosocial safety so what needs to be said, is said.
I mediate in conflicts between employees, between employees and managers and in (management) teams. I facilitate various change and group processes and, depending on the context, use methodologies from Theme Centered Interaction, Deep Democracy, large group interventions, non-violent communication (NVC), Theory U and solution-oriented work.

I am a guest lecturer at Odisee (KULeuven) and have over 20 years of experience as a trainer in various organizations ranging from production companies, multilateral organizations to social profit organizations. I am enthusiastic about making people more conflict-aware, teaching them mediation skills and letting them experience that conflicts are opportunities for development.

As a voluntary neighbor mediator for the city of Ghent, I try to contribute to a society in which people live together despite their differences.

Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing
and rightdoing
there is a field
I’ll meet you there.


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